One of the highlights of HYPERSPACE is working with real-world economists to develop a truly robust economic system that will enhance your gameplay.

Our objective is to allow you to have the opportunity, but never an obligation, to earn real money by simply playing the game. We’re doing this because we want to be a game that avoids devolving into a pay-to-win scenario or suffers from the inflation and deflation of other MMOs.


HYPERSPACE has no upfront costs and will use a Free-to-Play model.

We hate Pay-to-Win mechanics, and we see items that we choose to sell being exclusively cosmetic that doesn't impact every player's ability to enjoy and advance in the game. The Play-and-Earn model, also known as a Creator Economy, is where you can craft items in-game and then sell them on to other players and is the beating heart allowing HYPERSPACE to expand for a long time to come.


You have an equal right to enjoy everything the game has to offer as the next player. 

In order to do this, our design protects in-game economic stability while allowing you the option to cash out your earned income from play.

The economy has two layers:

  • Trading posts that players can find at every space station or planetary outpost in the game. Here players can buy and sell items and resources to NPC traders and to each other for in-game currency.

  • The player, or creator marketplace where in-game, player crafted items can be exchanged for real-world value.

HYPERSPACE is not about creating or selling a token before or after the game is launched. We are a video game first and foremost. Fun, engaging gameplay backed with a creator economy is at the core of what we are developing and as such, tokenized economics invite speculative behaviours which are detrimental to everyone who wants to enjoy the game.

What all of this means:

  • You can play HYPERSPACE for free, forever, and never have to engage in Play-and-Earn economics or buy a cosmetic item from the store. You are not placed at a disadvantage for doing so.


  • You have the choice to earn from your time and expertise. HYPERSPACE, its creator economy, and everyone around you is unaffected by that choice.