HYPERSPACE is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) video game set in outer space within a fictional galaxy.

In the game, players will be able to play their own way and determine their own professions, built around the four core gameplay pillars: Hunter, Gatherer, Explorer, and Trader.

All of this is wrapped up in a huge, unique sandbox with a thriving player-driven market economy and open gameplay.

How much will it cost to play?

HYPERSPACE will be free-to-play from launch.

What type of MMO is HYPERSPACE?

HYPERSPACE is designed to suit solo and group players in a rich and engaging open sandbox environment.

There will be ample opportunity for both PvE and PvP in the game, with enough space and opportunity to suit both - with deep narrative lore, exploration, missions, trade, gathering and more.

These opportunities will be available for all styles of play.

What is the setting like?

HYPERSPACE is set in a galaxy formed after a monumental cataclysm, aeons in the past.

Now, set two years after the brutal Nomad Wars, four vast economic territories vie for control of the galaxy’s resources, giving the player the opportunity to choose which, if any, side they will take.

With eight very different races to choose from and a galaxy rich in history and mystery, HYPERSPACE really allows the player to experience the game their way.

Will there be any other media available?

We are working with a number of well-known science fiction authors to develop short stories and novellas, to be published in volumes that expand on our own IP. Events written in those stories will be considered canon and may be adopted and adapted in-game for players who have read the books to engage in and discover. A TTRPG and graphic novel are also being considered as well as a 'Making of HYPERSPACE' hardback book to showcase the concept art and development process. The soundtrack will also be available through streaming platforms from recognised composers in the video game and television industries.

Is this another procedurally generated game?

The galaxy environment in HYPERSPACE has been generated using known astrophysics and scientific data, including planetary biomes, spacial anomalies and more in line with how the galaxy was formed after the cataclysm. With a research team consisting of an astrophysicist, exobiologist and planetary scientist we wanted to not only create a fantastical universe to engage thousands of players but also ground it in scientific fact.

Is HYPERSPACE a Metaverse?

HYPERSPACE is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game which in itself is a huge virtual world with limitless options. As part of the overall experience, it contains a large number of the elements that are regarded as necessary to be called a Metaverse - including a creator economy, play-and-earn, avatar system and more - and may sit alongside a number of other games in the same genre. No one game or platform may be regarded as 'the Metaverse', only a part of it.

Do I get to fly my ship?

Yes, although the gameplay style we are implementing does not support a cockpit view you will be able to see your ship in third-person and fly it across the galaxy.

Can I walk around my ship or space stations?

We have developed a unique Ship's Quarters cabin environment to allow you to walk around and experience from a first-person perspective. This extends some of the user interface and sub-systems into a more interactive and engaging environment whilst allowing you to also show off any accolades and trophies you may have picked up along the way in your time in HYPERSPACE. Post-launch we may implement new features which expand on this concept. At present though, we have no plans to allow you to walk around in stations due to the technical and live-ops development required.

Can I land on planets?

We're approaching HYPERSPACE with a two-phased plan - planetary landing on smaller outposts may be possible within Phase 1 which will allow us to explore the possibilities of expanding this gameplay in Phase 2.

Is this a PvP or PvE game?

HYPERSPACE is both, with opportunities to engage in both PvE and PvP gameplay solo, in groups, or part of much larger multiplayer co-operations.

Can I opt-out of PvP?

PvP can be avoided by navigating through safer territories in the game or engaging other players to protect you as you make your way across the galaxy. 

What platforms will it be on?

HYPERSPACE will be initially launched on PC and is being developed as a cloud-native release - meaning that eventually it can be played on any device without a client installation.

The game is being developed in Unreal Engine.

Will there be microtransactions?

There will be a premium store where you can purchase cosmetic items for your ship and character using fiat or crypto. There won't be any plans to integrate a store where you spend money to gain a competitive advantage which is typical of Pay-to-Win games.

When is the game coming out?

HYPERSPACE is being developed for an Alpha launch in 2025 and will be available for a limited but growing number of early access players who register and become key community members through their engagement and support.

Unlike some of our competitors, HYPERSPACE will have a full release of the game and not remain in an Alpha or Beta state indefinitely but will have new content developed as part of a continuing commitment to players who enjoy a deeper narrative engagement as part of their experience.

What about game updates?

After launch HYPERSPACE will have regular updates and development from the in-house team. These will include new ways to develop your ship and character, further opportunities to explore the galaxy, new enemies to hunt and further opportunities for trade.

HYPERSPACE sees other games ‘events’ as a permanent impact on our expanding galaxy and lore, so players will be able to benefit from the opportunities open to all.

Are there classes in the game?

There are eight player races that provide different paths to gameplay as well as opportunities where players can learn and experience a large variety of different professions they can advance within, each with their own sets of attributes and skills to master.

Who are the developers of HYPERSPACE?

HYPERSPACE is being developed by Carbon Based Lifeforms, a studio with its headquarters in the heart of Edinburgh Scotland, but with a distributed remote-work team from the four corners of the globe.

How is HYPERSPACE being funded?

HYPERSPACE is supported by video game venture funding throughout its development and post-launch. Revenue will be generated from the sale of cosmetic items and also the transaction fees associated with the play to earn marketplaces to continually develop the game for the future. There may be opportunities to explore third-party brand cooperation that enhance the experience inside and outwith the game (for example, in-game sponsored events, gaming hardware offers)