"Where the two arms of the nebulas kissed the vast forces were unleashed and caused the gases between them to twist and spiral together into a monumental storm of energy and raw power. That power would rip apart anything the erratic tendrils touched as they crisscrossed the divide.

Yet, where danger exists others saw opportunity.


Many ships had entered the Maelstrom, all had been torn asunder. Whether it was the promise of rare and exotic minerals and resources that lured them - to prove that they were the best of pilots - to simply find their final resting place or make one last and desperate attempt to evade the law - all had met their end here."

Aeons ago an ancient intelligence tried to create a bridge between two neighbouring galaxies. The Gate of Heraclon, most commonly referred to as ‘The Gate’ was a device that the races of the Euclipses galaxy built to try and create a stable passageway between their own galaxy and others within the universe.

The Gate malfunctioned and rather than creating a pathway from one galaxy to the next it created a spatial event known as The Breach, causing the far galaxy of Kallinto to lance through the Gate into Euclipses in an instant, leaving a vast wave of destruction in its wake across both galaxies and sending The Gate adrift.

Now The Gate seems to appear and disappear at whim across the newly formed galaxy, the remains of the monstrous superstructure becoming a sought after prize for explorers who want to try and catch a glimpse of it for real or scan for data before it vanishes again.


Your life in HYPERSPACE starts two years after the devastating Nomad Wars and you have the opportunity to get out there, discover the past and build a better future. Or at least make a tidy profit on the side.

To create a vibrant galaxy full of life and mystery we're spending a lot of time weaving an intricate tapestry of history and stories for players to immerse themselves in and inspire them to explore what the galaxy has to offer. Many MMOs set within a space background forgo the chance to build a deep narrative because of the size of the game, we feel this is an opportunity to create something that extends beyond the game itself.

We'll be announcing soon a number of science fiction authors who will be writing short stories and novellas based on the HYPERSPACE galaxy and its inhabitants - a mixture of character-driven tales and pure space opera - and who knows, maybe the events and characters you read about and fall in love with might end up in the game for you to discover.


After all, if you build a sandbox for players you have to at least fill it with sand...