What is Play-and-Earn?

HYPERSPACE uses the Play-and-Earn business model.

This provides the players with the ability to earn income through regular play, by giving them the option to create in-game items that can be sold and transferred to other players as a valuable resource. Over time players can learn the intricate gameplay systems and craft rarer and unique items which will enhance their own or others gameplay experiences. For many years, only e-Sports players and content creators have been able to make money from playing games. Play-and-Earn opens that option up to everyone!

What makes HYPERSPACE different from other Play-to-Earn games?

HYPERSPACE is a videogame first and foremost and fun, engaging gameplay, is at the core of what we’re creating.

Whilst other P2E economies and NFT based games are often focused on boosting a token-based economy, in effect a Pay to Win model, anything our players can craft and sell to other players will merely enhance their gameplay, not break it.

Given such an open sandbox environment to play in, these opportunities will seem no different from other existing video games with Premium Stores, only HYPERSPACE gives players the option to earn real-world money through our unique player economy model.

Will HYPERSPACE have a token launch?

There are no plans for a token launch. HYPERSPACE is built free of tokens and our unique economy means players can earn cryptocurrency or US Dollars when they sell their items.

Will HYPERSPACE have pre-sale items or NFTs to purchase?

No, there are no plans to launch and sell pre-sale items like ships (pay-to-win) or NFTs of game items. If you see items listed on other marketplaces or a token listed on an exchange claiming to be from HYPERSPACE these are not official or supported by us and should be avoided. If you purchase anything from sources claiming to be from HYPERSPACE or the developer you do so at your own risk. We will plan to do promotions to the community where we will give, for free, limited-edition cosmetic items for your ship or character but they will be held at the player account level and not be available for resale.

Is HYPERSPACE free to play?

Yes, HYPERSPACE is free to play. 

You can play, enjoy and live entirely in HYPERSPACE without ever engaging in the player marketplace. However, players have the option to participate in the marketplace if they wish to play-to-earn and this is down to personal choice.

Are there minting and gas fees for player-created items?

There are no minting or gas fees. as long as players are listing and trading their items or smart contracts through the player marketplace HYPERSPACE charges a flat 8% transition fee for Player-to-Player (P2P) items and smart contract trades.

If players choose to export their items to a main chain they may do so, however, exit fees (payable to HYPERSPACE) apply, as well as all main chain minting and gas fees and any applicable tax obligations.


How expensive will items be in the player marketplace?

The price of items on the player to player marketplace is determined by player demand and supply. HYPERSPACE charges a flat 8% fee for validating player to player trades (subject to a meeting a minimum fee of USD2). 

How does HYPERSPACE make money?

HYPERSPACE charges a small market-maker (platform) fee for the player to player trade in the HYPERSPACE universe. Players can also pay to boost their items listed on the marketplace.

Occasionally, HYPERSPACE will also enter into partnerships with third-party brands for collectable cosmetics and virtual events. Participation is optional and branded items of this kind will be 'No Trade'.

How do players make money?

Players make money from creating digital items and services that are of value to other players.

Should players wish to sell their HYPERSPACE assets on the open market, they can choose to do so by exporting and minting them on open exchanges at their own cost and risk. 

What prevents HYPERSPACE from being Pay-to-Win?

The HYPERSPACE in-game and player to player economies are designed to encourage play first combined with earning opportunities without devolving into Pay-to-Win. HYPERSPACE is free-to-play so new players are not dependent on existing players selling them items. HYPERSPACE is finely balanced to ensure that items created in-game and sold on the marketplace will be valuable to other players but will not break the in-game experience.

Is there more than one in-game currency?

Yes, each region in the galaxy has its own currency which is intricately linked to the in-game goods and political economy of that region. Like the real world, this invites the opportunity for varied trade between players and player factions, as well as NPC controlled territories. Don't assume that because you hold one currency that the nearest trading post will accept it.

Can I trade in-game currencies to make money?

No. Players can trade items to make real money. In-game currencies are not linked to external markets and exchanged to protect players from inflation and speculation.

However, players are welcome to trade the in-game currencies as part of play.

Are there regional markets or is there just one big central market?

Yes. There are regional trading posts and markets in addition to the central marketplace, this allows for a variety of trade opportunities and gives regional currencies inherent value.

What are items?

In HYPERSPACE, players have the ability to craft or create Items like weaponry, sensors, skins, and screenshots (to name a few). Each of these could be unique or part of a small set of Items that will be valuable to other players.

The only difference in HYPERSPACE is that players can sell these on for real money. It is up to the players to decide whether they choose to participate and there will be no paywalls within the game that block the free-to-play Players from engaging in all the content.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token, a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger that allows individuals to own and trade the rights to digital assets.

Can I create an item outside of HYPERSPACE?


The in-game crafting tools we present to the player will be more than enough to create a whole set of unique and exciting items which will be valued by the other players.

The closed system for crafting first and foremost protects the player from questionable purchases from external dealers but also means that all players know that anything that is crafted and then bought from the real-world wallet will be an official item, as it was made in-game.

HYPERSPACE has key elements in the game which add value to the items crafted within, and these will not only be identified on the items the player makes but add value to them when they are sold. 

Will players be able to turn non-player generated items into NFTs and sell them?

Players can create their own Items, for example, taking screenshots of space, designing skins for ships and avatars or using other systems which allow them to design actions that others can use during gameplay.

Does HYPERSPACE support Cryptomining?

No, HYPERSPACE does not use “human mining” or “proof of work” protocols. Exchange in the HYPERSPACE economy takes place in a secure side chain, which limits costs for players and costs on the environment.

How is HYPERSPACE mitigating the environmental effects of crypto and blockchains?

The HYPERSPACE ecosystem is built on a side chain that allows for secure player to player trade. Gas fees and energy-intensive proof of stake are only incurred should a player choose to export their assets to a third party blockchain.

Can we just trade to make money both in-game and in the player marketplace?

You can not trade in-game currencies for real money.

In the player marketplace, trade takes place around items, not currency. Real currency in the player marketplace is merely used to facilitate the trade of digital goods and services.

How do we stop inflation/deflation in the game economy?

HYPERSPACE has been designed by a highly experienced team of economists and game designers to have a robust economic system. The in-game goods and monetary markets have been designed to react to the player inputs and have several layers of built-in mechanisms designed to ensure a balanced supply of goods and currency.

Is there any NPC-driven market activity?

Yes, HYPERSPACE makes use of AI-enhanced NPCs as part of the economic balancing mechanism and to facilitate cross-regional trade in the in-game trading posts.

However, there is no NPC trade in the player marketplace and the use of bots is strictly prohibited. Because of this APIs are strictly controlled.

Can I read a Whitepaper?

No. Whitepapers are for developers who don't know how to write a Game Design Document.