HYPERSPACE is being designed as a single shard sandbox - meaning that all players inhabit the same universe at the same time. This allows for truly emergent gameplay experiences that are all in the hands of the thousands of players who bring HYPERSPACE to life.

While many of the dynamic systems within HYPERSPACE have been designed to encourage solo adventures and multiplayer experiences the only way to create true emergence is to ensure that the sandbox environment is as open-ended as possible, allowing for player freedom and supported by a creator and player-driven economy.

There is no endgame content within HYPERSPACE, the players create the ever-evolving narrative that shapes the galaxy with their own actions. While the development team will continually add fresh content for those who enjoy RPG styled narrative-based missions, what you and others do in the galaxy is the real story.

Whether it's gigantic fleet battles to defend a region of space or a single heroic moment in galactic history that will be remembered by thousands, it will all take place in one persistent universe and everyone will know about it.