Your choices are almost limitless - while you might carve out an initial career trading resources on the open markets across HYPERSPACE there is nothing stopping you from learning other professions in order to survive the perils of life in the galaxy.

  • Want to mine asteroids for precious minerals?

  • How about hunting down fugitives from the law for bounty?

  • Better yet, why not form an alliance with other players and create your own industry?

  • Maybe you want to learn how to build and craft new and useful items from available resources that can help others become better?

  • Or discover new trade lanes and safer hyperspace routes between systems that have never been charted before?

Trader, Miner, Bounty Hunter and Explorer are just starting points for you to jump into HYPERSPACE - master one set of skills or become talented at several.

Weaponsmith, Merchant, Politician, Engineer, Ship Architect, Navy Pilot, Ranger, Scout, Smuggler, Pirate and more - all with their own progression and path open to you to choose who and what you want to be and to learn to become the best in HYPERSPACE.