With eight playable races to choose from and a multitude of professions, we want to make sure that there’s a ship for you!

In HYPERSPACE we make sure that not only the many ships designs but the way you tool them up for action, gives a myriad of possibilities in the game.


Develop your ship to suit your play, by using each hardpoint effectively and outfitting it with weapons, scanners or defences.

Each base unit has a number of modules that increase the effectiveness of the equipment and allow you to learn the best way to enhance and improve your ship, giving an almost infinite set of possibilities and variety.

As you unlock ships of increasing size and complexity, you'll need help. So why not hire a crew?

You can choose to command a larger vessel with friends manning sub-systems or employ and train intelligent NPCs to be your crewmates on your galactic adventure.
As always, the choice is yours and the way you play is up to you!


Whether you're out there to trade, mine and gather resources, explore, or hunt for the scum of the galaxy HYPERSPACE has you covered.

As you progress, you can outfit and upgrade the base units and modules on your ship, giving it stronger attributes and stats for the adventure ahead.

Stronger shields, faster engines, extra cargo capacity, improved scanners, there are hundreds of components you can upgrade to enhance your gameplay.

Feeling industrious?

Why not experiment and craft your own unique upgrades before anyone else has the same idea, or become the expert in a field and sell these items on to friends and others.


When you spend so much time treading space you need some home comforts aboard ship.
Each Captain’s Quarters contains an array of essential systems to enhance trade, ship improvements and crafting and is designed and can be adapted to a style of your choosing.

Sit back, relax and browse the markets; plot your next route on the galactic map; keep abreast of the news feeds for signs of new missions or discoveries, or simply chill and admire the art and trophies on your walls.


Your Captain's Quarters is the place to be!

Hyperspace Ships 5.jpg